6 reasons to adopt Cherwell Service Management

Changing to a new IT Service Management system is an important decision. To make sure that the new system will meet your expectations, you’ll need to go through a selection process and see what vendors can offer to best meet your requirements. Having been sighted by Gartner and Forrester as being a “leading innovator” you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing what Cherwell Service Management has to offer.

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ITIL Best Practise

With Cherwell Service Management you have the option of implementing as much or as little ITIL®-best practices out-of-the-box, with all included with the software. Purchasing a software system that does not fully embrace ITIL would be like hiring a CPA that has never heard of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). The Cherwell ITIL content was designed and validated by ITIL-Certified Professionals and verified by Pink Elephant. If you choose not to fully embrace ITIL in all respects, Cherwell’s unparalleled customization lets you fit the solution to your needs, using as much or as little of our out-of-the-box content as you desire. We can even configure and implement “ITIL Starter” content to let you get your feet wet.

Implement as much or as little as you want.

And although many organizations have yet to implement the ITIL framework, most CIO’s recognize that implementing the ITIL framework allows for a foundation of establishing best practice procedures. The challenge most CIO’s face is how to get from where they are to where they desire to be. The good news is that Cherwell provides the flexibility to implement as much or as little ITIL based processes as you desire, adapting your current processes as needed while at the same time beginning the migration to ITIL based processes.

Remarkable ease at a minimal cost.

ITIL is a framework; it is not a step-by-step detailed methodology. Therefore, a software system and its ITIL framework cannot be “hard-coded”, although many competitive solutions seem hard-coded because the ability to configure their software to meet your procedures is difficult and expensive. With Cherwell, you are able to configure and implement your organization’s detailed procedures with remarkable ease and minimal cost.

The process of adopting and adapting to ITIL does not have to be mandatory or overwhelming. Since we designed Cherwell with ITIL in mind, the implementation of ITIL can be easy! And the benefits for your organization will be substantial.


Payment Solutions

VeriFone supplies electronic payment solutions to merchants.


  • Log all support calls for the business centrally
  • Build in workflow and project management
  • Have detailed SLAs implemented
  • Escalation of calls to ensure excellent service

VeriFone choose to implement FrontRange HEAT Service and Support with its out the box SLA and escalation ability.


Change Management

Cherwell Change Management

  • Cherwell Service Management allows monitoring and tracking of all stages of your Change Request Process. For example, tracking a Change through the different stages of authorisation, coordination, and review etc
  • Role based privileges allow you to facilitate the ability to control, read, write, and modify access for Change Management staff, Change builders, testers, etc., to update Change records throughout the Change lifecycle
  • Route Requests for Changes to the appropriate authorisation teams or people. For example, Category 1 – Change Manager, Category 2 – Change Advisory Board, Category 3 – IT Executive. They can even approve the change from their iPhone.
  • Approve and Reject Changes with as much or as little detail as you need. For example, status of reject, ability to record reason for rejects. Automatically notify the Service Desk and End Users of the Change Outcome.
  • Use Change Management risk assessment or impact assessment to automatically route the Change Request to the correct Change Manager or Team, including attachments such as technical reviews and reports.
  • Using Cherwell’s inbuilt Calendars, automatically publish and co-ordinate your change schedule quickly and easily within Cherwell Service Management. For example, publish build, testing, and implementation schedules.
  • Cherwell Service Management can automatically facilitate the scheduling of Change reviews for implemented Changes after definable time periods.
  • Easily communicate Change information and schedules to the Service Desk and users. For example email notifications, automated reports and Self Service.
  • Update CI information in the CMDB from a Change Request. Include Maintenance Schedules and Outage availability windows. For example, link the CI record to the Change record and update it as part of your Change Management Workflow.
  • Access all your CI detail to assist in the assessment of the Change Request. For example, the use of impact information such as relationships and CI criticality when considering authorisation of a Change request.
  • Full integration between Release Management and Change Management out of the box.

Problem Management

Cherwell Problem Management







    • Match Incidents to Problems and Known Errors
    • Automatically create Problem Records from Incident Records.
    • Role based security allows you to restrict process actions based on the users security level.
    • Configurable Priority, Impact and urgency matrixes, make it quick and easy for the IT Service Desk staff to allocate the correct priority and SLA to an Problem.
    • Easily monitor and track the progress of a Problem. For example, track ownership and responsibility for establishing root cause.  End Users can also subscribe to a Problem and be notified when an updated has been added to a Problem.
    • Automatically escalate Problems after pre-defined thresholds or targets have been breached
    • Full historical audit log of all Problem updates and resolution activities. You configure what detail is written to the audit logs and when.  Record when a field is changed or what Problem Investigation has been done. All Problem Management activities are recorded based on your requirements.
    • Cherwell Service Management has inbuilt powerful reporting with flexible report generation.   Produce management reports from historical Problem data and schedule the reports to be generated and emailed automatically.  Reporting can be generated using Cherwell Reports, SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports or Excel Merges.  It couldn’t be easier.
    • Cherwell Service Management provides the ability to add Process and Procedure help to every process.  This information is displayed to the staff ensuring the process is clear to them and they understand the objectives.  The help uses terms and definitions aligned with ITIL terms and definitions.
    • Fully integrate with Cherwell’s CMDB to support the association of Problem records to CI records
    • All Processes in Cherwell Service Management are related. This allows you to link Incidents, Problems and Change Requests with each other.  For example, when resolving a Problem Record, automatically close all associated Incident Records and notify customers their Incident has been resolved.
    • Use Cherwell Service Management to communicate Problem status and progress reports, as well as temporary solutions and workarounds to the Service Desk staff and End Users.
    • Automatically increase the Problem severity or impact classification of a Problem according to the number of associated Incidents and/or the number of End Users affected.

    Incident Management

    Cherwell Incident Management

    Use Cherwell Service Management (CSM) for Incident Management to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible.  The Cherwell Incident Management Module is supplied as part of the Out of the Box solution and has been Pink Verfied by Pink Elephant.

    Incident Management is extemely flexible and configurable to ensure the ITSM Solution reflects your business requirements.  Some key features include:

    • Service Level Management with Impact and Urgency Matrices.
    • Integration with the Federated Configuration Management Database.
    • LDAP integration with all LDAP Sources.
    • Visual Workflows, Alerts and Prompts
    • Automated Workflows and Tasks using One-steps
    • Integration with 3rd Party applications.
    • Detailed Reporting utilising Cherwell Reports, Crystal Reports, Excel and SQL Reporting Services