ITSM Data and Metrics – Make Them Matter

I’ve often heard Cherwell’s CEO Vance Brown discuss how data should be collected and used to make right, or what Vance has coined RITE decisions. It’s not about collecting data for data sake but about collecting data and metrics that are:

– Relevant to the mission, strategies and objectives of the organisation
– Integrated across all departments and geographic locations
– Timely, so issues can be addressed and resolved before they become crises; and
– Efficient, so that with the mounds of data, organisations can ‘manage by exception’ and the automated best business processes can be enforced. Read more

SDI Accredits Cherwell Service Management

The Service Desk Institute (SDI) is delighted to launch the world’s first performance results report accreditation program for IT service desk software products.

Following feedback from a significant number of SDI certified service desks, SDI members and service desk professionals, it became clear that reporting service desk metrics and report generation remains one of their biggest bugbears. Read more

IT Service Management at 30,000 Feet

Chris Dancy and Malcolm Fry have it right — almost. I remember listening to one of the ITSM Podcasts (Chris would remember the exact one!). Chris mentioned something to the effect that IT is in every business — except maybe farming. I also remember Malcolm Fry introducing his ITIL Lite concept (fascinating if you have never heard it) with the illustration of the check-in kiosk for a flight. His question, “If there is a problem with the check-in kiosk were does IT fit in?” Read more

IT Service Desks Build Bridges with Business Value Metrics

This blog is courtesy of guest blogger Daniel Wood, Head of Research and Publications at the SDI.

Metrics have helped Service Desks move on and evolve.  They’ve moved away from gut-feel decisions surrounding resourcing, investment, performance and service levels and instead, rooted decisions in tangible, empirical data. At SDI, we have seen the rewards that metrics can reap through better defined and co-ordinated Service Desks with the resource and infrastructure to perform to the level they aspire to. Read more