Are you a Service Desk kill-joy? If so, you’re in good company

Hayley Parsons, founder and CEO of








Ben Wigley, head of IT Service Management at, is a Service Desk kill-joy, and he’s proud of it.

When he joined in early 2012, it was a five-year-old Internet start-up with highly entrepreneurial and creative employees and a huge brand presence thanks in part to very memorable TV ads. For those of you outside the UK, is a price-comparison website for multiple insurance products.   Read more

Cherwell Wins SDI Best Vendor Award

As you all know, at Cherwell Software, it’s all about our customers. We always aim to put them and their requirements first.

“Winning this award validates our highest goal at Cherwell–our noble pursuit–which is to listen to our customers and serve their needs. We refer to this as ‘putting first things first,’ to build great technology and to make sure our customers are satisfied and their expectations are exceeded. This is a great day for Cherwell and our customers,” says our CEO Vance Brown. Read more