6 reasons to adopt Cherwell Service Management

Changing to a new IT Service Management system is an important decision. To make sure that the new system will meet your expectations, you’ll need to go through a selection process and see what vendors can offer to best meet your requirements. Having been sighted by Gartner and Forrester as being a “leading innovator” you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing what Cherwell Service Management has to offer.

1. Functionality, not complexity

When engaging in your ITSM selection process looking for less complexity does not mean that you need less functionality. Cherwell Service Management provides your company with leading edge technology, while remaining simple to implement and use. Put together a list of your key requirements and look what systems are able to support them all within a simple, integrated design. Of course, you can simply consider looking at Cherwell!

2. Integration, not interfaced

You’ll soon realise if you don’t already that software integration does not mean just applications that work together. It also means that they exchange real-time informationshare a common database and user interface and, more importantly, they evolve together. Many ITSM systems are hiding functional gaps by offering a ‘modular design’, which often requires custom interfaces and complex maintenance. Cherwell Service Management offers you a fully-integrated platform where you buys one license and get access to all modules within the application so there are no hidden costs down the line!  We can assist you in all areas of your business from IT Service Management to financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationship management and human resources.

3. Scalability

Evolution means the ability for your ITSM solution to grow with your business. Cherwell’s  integrated design provides your company with all the functions it needs now and in the future. Because we have all platforms covered you can access your centralised information from a:

  • Desktop client
  • Web Browser – IE, Chrome, Safari
  • Mobile device iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android
  • Outlook plugin

It’s all there from the beginning. It is also a flexible system that can be easily. So whether you are supporting a 25 end users or 25 000 we’ve got it covered.

4. Web-native, not web-enabled

Web-native means that your system can be accessed the same way in both client/server and Web mode. Some ITSM systems may offer a customised web connection to dedicated functions, but few can provide your company with the ability to operate the system locally or through the web in the exact same fashion. Think of the advantage you could have with this advanced communicative architecture when expanding your business over multiple sites, or considering developing relationships with premier suppliers, partners or customers!

5. Low cost of ownership

With functionality and ease of use, cost of ownership might be among your first selection criteria. And of course, all ITSM vendors claim to provide their customers with the best possible return on investment. But when it comes to the total cost of YOUR project, the cost might not be as low as you thought, as your company certainly will require more services to customize its solution! Cherwell has been built to dramatically reduce the time of implementation and customizationwhile providing most of theadvanced features you need as a standard, because reducing the cost from the implementation on is the best way to guarantee a faster return on investment!

Read Forrester’s total economic impact accessment of Cherwell Service Management

6. Commitment to success, not loyalty programs

How much time have you spent arguing to get some support from well-known software vendors? With our business being entirely dedicated to implementing and supporting IT Service Management applications and consulting on those processes we have the expertise and knowledge required to make a success of your implementation.

[alert_blue2]Every customer matters to us, and our team of consultants and engineers is dedicated to making your business a success story![/alert_blue2]

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