Why is Revelation Data Different?

We have been building and implementing systems that comply to the highest standard for over 20 years. Our understanding of business processes and how they relate to your business which give us a leading edge when it comes to designing systems that will enhance your service delivery.

With this in mind its no wonder we took the opportunity to bring Cherwell Software to South Africa in 2012, we could see the potential and now our customers speak for us about how Cherwell has changed their business and enhanced the service delivery of their teams.

“We believe that your systems and processes should be built around your business and not the other way round.”

Our team of highly skilled consultants that are passionate about helping your organisation align its IT processes with industry leading standards like ITIL.

Organisations are faced with many challenges today!  Their task to support a sophisticated business community with great customer support is a balancing act. This balancing act is about providing excellent support for all new technologies to end users, delivering services to delight end users and all of that in a reliable and cost effective way. The challenges don’t end there.

As you face these challenges RevelationData is ready to assist you in providing all the expertise and guidance you will need to implement systems and strategy to make sure you continue to improve and enhance your service delivery through measurable results.

Clients – We have the privilege of working with…