Knowledge Management

Reduce service desk requests by providing “Google-like” one-click access to federated knowledge searches of existing modules, PDFs, Microsoft® Office, and URLs. Cherwell’s powerful knowledge management features can help your service desk team – and your customers – improve resolution times by providing a repository to successfully capture, structure, and reuse service-related knowledge.

Cherwell Incident Management

Utilize a visual guide to walk you through key activities of Incident Management, such as recording, classification, investigation, etc. Easily examine the specific data required to respond to each classified incident, such as first call resolution questions related to a printer compared to those for questions related to an email incident. Respond quickly and consistently with One-Step™ actions.

Event Management

Cherwell easily integrates with various network-monitoring tools – alerting the service desk of issues, and potentially fixing them, before your end users and customers even know there is anything wrong. With Cherwell, you can create rules so that when an event happens, such as a failed server notification, an incident is created and subsequent notifications are tied to it.

Service Asset and Configuration Management

Improve incident and request resolution times by providing up-to-date asset information to support staff.  Cherwell provides a visual, graphical representation of not only all upstream and downstream configuration items (CI), but also services, changes, contracts, releases, and end-users associated with the CI.

Are you a Service Desk kill-joy? If so, you’re in good company

Hayley Parsons, founder and CEO of








Ben Wigley, head of IT Service Management at, is a Service Desk kill-joy, and he’s proud of it.

When he joined in early 2012, it was a five-year-old Internet start-up with highly entrepreneurial and creative employees and a huge brand presence thanks in part to very memorable TV ads. For those of you outside the UK, is a price-comparison website for multiple insurance products.   Read more