Business Service Management

Business service management (BSM) is a methodology for monitoring and measuring information technology (IT) services from a business perspective; in other words, BSM is a set of management software tools, processes and methods to manage IT via a business-centered approach. BSM technology tools are designed to help IT organizations view and manage technology environments to better support and maintain the main services they provide to the business. BSM tools are critical enablers for the increasingly popular process that focuses on IT Service Management (ITSM) approach. BSM consists of both structured process and enabling software. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a set of IT management frameworks and concepts, has recently identified BSM as a best practice for IT infrastructure management and operations. Read more


IT Service Management

IT Service Management or ITSM is all about IT proving services that are focused around the customers prospective.

Revelation Data has the skills and proven track record to recommend and implement best of breed ITSM applications like Cherwell Service Management that will dramatically help your organisation achieve its ITSM objectives by enabling the business to distribute services and then measure results through one interface to the business. Read more


ITIL Consulting

We have seen over years that the most successful implementations of BSM or ITSM are ones that have been planned and processes have been defined clearly. When embarking on a new project among other things we can offer you wisdom in the following areas.


With the first point of call being Governance, normally the first intervention with a customer is identifying and “unpacking” the relevant governance framework. This sets the base for any work to come. Depending on the intervention needed, the RevelationData service will branch into any of the other service silos. Revelation Data is skilled in all of the major best practices frameworks to the likes of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), and can apply a combination of both, providing a tailored fit to our customer’s needs.


Successful ITSM, and more so ITIL implementations, require interaction through the entire organization. Awareness throughout the organization is critical. RevelationData sees awareness as such a crucial part that it’s viewed as a separate compartment in the overall ITSM approach.


In conjunction with a key partner we have developed a set of assessment tools, assisting organizations in knowing where they are, measured against where they want to be. The key deliverable is a plan for action – realistic and with reason.

Service Improvement Projects

The current situation viewed against the end goal provides guidance on where to focus first. From this point of view, RevelationData assist the organization to identify various Service Improvement Projects, focused on providing the most value through a set of “small wins”.

Measure and Check

Ensuring longevity of the project, RevelationData assist customers in the ongoing phase of the project. Continuous measure and check is needed to ensure everything remains on course.

Capability Development

Integral to all IT Service Management is capability development. For any organizations being in any stage of their ITSM initiatives, capability development is a key requirement. RevelationData, through the ITSM Academy and partner network, delivers all capability requirements needed.




We hold regular client training sessions that are either 5 day instructor led sessions or tailored sessions to your requirements depending on the product and complexity of the task at hand.

Ask for a detailed time table of training for your area of interest.

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Project Management

The increasing change in technology and the dynamism of markets have increased the importance of project teams to address such challenges. These challenges mean that the successful management of a project will come down to following tried and tested guidelines and methodologies like Prince 2 (process-based method for effective project management.)and ISO 9001 (Quality management process).

RevelationData has the ability to appoint a project manager with appropriate methodology and expertise to ensure compliance with project objectives, both in quality, prompt and economical completion of the project.

Our Services

  • Total project management and partial responsibility
  • Advice on the choice of project methodology, tools, organization
  • Personnel and technical support in project management

Your Benefits

  • Successful projects that meet the qualitative, scheduling and economic terms of the project assignment





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BI Reporting Computer

BI Reporting

Your data is one of your organisations most valuable assets but often you can’t get the information you need when you need it. Our Service Automation Tools can help your company boost revenues, increase efficiencies and deliver world class service.

Revelation Data can help you to get business value from your data. We continue to work closely with companies from a wide range of industries, helping them to obtain true BI (Business Intelligence) from their data.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation do the same.


Asset Management

The price of mis-managing software is high. Typically, organisations over-spend on software licensing by around 20 percent (purchasing duplicate licenses, failing to re-harvest, buying outside of volume license agreements etc) and the cost of reacting to a software audit can be as high as R500,000  if you don’t already have Software Asset Management (SAM) practices and technologies in place. [“Gartner Research: “Q&A on Dealing with a Software Audit” November 2008]

Our asset management consultants are here to help organisations take control of software assets, licenses and the ongoing management of applications on the network. We have a portfolio of asset tracking solutions that provide a complete end-to-end solution for software asset management and can seamlessly integrate into our ITSM applications for a full 360 degree view of your network.

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