Change Management

Cherwell Change Management

  • Cherwell Service Management allows monitoring and tracking of all stages of your Change Request Process. For example, tracking a Change through the different stages of authorisation, coordination, and review etc
  • Role based privileges allow you to facilitate the ability to control, read, write, and modify access for Change Management staff, Change builders, testers, etc., to update Change records throughout the Change lifecycle
  • Route Requests for Changes to the appropriate authorisation teams or people. For example, Category 1 – Change Manager, Category 2 – Change Advisory Board, Category 3 – IT Executive. They can even approve the change from their iPhone.
  • Approve and Reject Changes with as much or as little detail as you need. For example, status of reject, ability to record reason for rejects. Automatically notify the Service Desk and End Users of the Change Outcome.
  • Use Change Management risk assessment or impact assessment to automatically route the Change Request to the correct Change Manager or Team, including attachments such as technical reviews and reports.
  • Using Cherwell’s inbuilt Calendars, automatically publish and co-ordinate your change schedule quickly and easily within Cherwell Service Management. For example, publish build, testing, and implementation schedules.
  • Cherwell Service Management can automatically facilitate the scheduling of Change reviews for implemented Changes after definable time periods.
  • Easily communicate Change information and schedules to the Service Desk and users. For example email notifications, automated reports and Self Service.
  • Update CI information in the CMDB from a Change Request. Include Maintenance Schedules and Outage availability windows. For example, link the CI record to the Change record and update it as part of your Change Management Workflow.
  • Access all your CI detail to assist in the assessment of the Change Request. For example, the use of impact information such as relationships and CI criticality when considering authorisation of a Change request.
  • Full integration between Release Management and Change Management out of the box.

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