Dear IT Manager: Reason to Send Staff to ITIL

Malcolm Fry is a world renowned, distinguished and highly entertaining IT industry luminary with over 40 years experience in Information Technology. Malcolm is the author of many best selling books on IT Service Management, he has had numerous articles and papers published. He is regularly used as a source of information by technology journalists. He is also the solo performer in a highly successful best selling DVD series made for the Help Desk Institute explaining the relationship between the ITIL processes and the Service Desk. He has written 6 ITIL focus booklets of which over 100,000 copies are now in circulation. His previous publications include ‘A step-by-step Guide to Building a CMDB’ and ‘How to build and ITIL Service Management Department’ while his latest publication ‘ITIL Lite’ is due to be available early 2010.

Malcolm began his IT career in 1967 working for a major bank in London. In the following 13 years he performed many IT functions including system programming and a variety of management roles. During the same period, Malcolm worked in a number of industries including retail, production, oil and pharmaceuticals. This experience, coupled with his impressive technical background, gives Malcolm an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and experience.

Malcolm began his independent career in 1980 and since that time Malcolm has not only pursued a solo career, but has also been on the boards of various organizations, including Protocol International Limited and Help Desk Institute’s Strategic Advisory Board. He was on the ITIL Advisory Group helping to guide the development of ITIL v3 and was a mentor for one of the books. During his long and diverse career, Malcolm has worked in more than forty countries, lectured to countless people and is in constant demand worldwide as a dynamic, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker.

Malcolm has devised the ‘Front of the Front Office’ theory, which explains how technology can be used to create new marketplaces and products for enlightened organizations. As a result, he is often asked to present at conferences his views on how technology will affect both business and our everyday lives. These sessions are steeped in reality, without resorting to complex technical theory, and do not fly into the realms of fantasy. His views on futures are widely respected and he advises organizations on how to maximize their business return on technology by looking for new business opportunities. He is both innovative and informative and has the unique ability to communicate his thoughts with audiences who have regularly voted him best speaker on many conferences worldwide. He is also sought after as a strategic consultant by many large organizations worldwide. Most of these organizations use Malcolm as a catalyst to review their facilities and processes from which he assists them to determine their requirements, and most importantly, prepare plans which allow them to meet their objectives from within.

In 2009 Malcolm was proud to be awarded the coveted Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in the IT Service Management arena.

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