Problem Management

Cherwell Problem Management







    • Match Incidents to Problems and Known Errors
    • Automatically create Problem Records from Incident Records.
    • Role based security allows you to restrict process actions based on the users security level.
    • Configurable Priority, Impact and urgency matrixes, make it quick and easy for the IT Service Desk staff to allocate the correct priority and SLA to an Problem.
    • Easily monitor and track the progress of a Problem. For example, track ownership and responsibility for establishing root cause.  End Users can also subscribe to a Problem and be notified when an updated has been added to a Problem.
    • Automatically escalate Problems after pre-defined thresholds or targets have been breached
    • Full historical audit log of all Problem updates and resolution activities. You configure what detail is written to the audit logs and when.  Record when a field is changed or what Problem Investigation has been done. All Problem Management activities are recorded based on your requirements.
    • Cherwell Service Management has inbuilt powerful reporting with flexible report generation.   Produce management reports from historical Problem data and schedule the reports to be generated and emailed automatically.  Reporting can be generated using Cherwell Reports, SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports or Excel Merges.  It couldn’t be easier.
    • Cherwell Service Management provides the ability to add Process and Procedure help to every process.  This information is displayed to the staff ensuring the process is clear to them and they understand the objectives.  The help uses terms and definitions aligned with ITIL terms and definitions.
    • Fully integrate with Cherwell’s CMDB to support the association of Problem records to CI records
    • All Processes in Cherwell Service Management are related. This allows you to link Incidents, Problems and Change Requests with each other.  For example, when resolving a Problem Record, automatically close all associated Incident Records and notify customers their Incident has been resolved.
    • Use Cherwell Service Management to communicate Problem status and progress reports, as well as temporary solutions and workarounds to the Service Desk staff and End Users.
    • Automatically increase the Problem severity or impact classification of a Problem according to the number of associated Incidents and/or the number of End Users affected.