RevelationData Partners with Digiterra

RevelationData has recently partnered with Digiterra industry experts in the ITSM Consulting and .NET software development space to implement the SMPI (Service Management Proficiency Index) audit.

SMPI Overview

The Service Management Proficiency Index:

  1. Is a proudly South African initiative commissioned by the IT Service Management Forum of South Africa (itSMFsa) in 2009.
  2. Is a programme and tool to enable organisations to measure IT proficiency, identify inefficiencies and drive improvement initiatives.
  3. The SMPI consists of independent annual assessments, reporting capability and dashboards to highlight and manage an actions.
  4. The SMPI empowers IT to deliver high quality, sustainable, cost effective services, allowing business to focus on core competencies to meet their strategic targets.

Best practice enables Business and SMPI enables best practice.


You cannot manage what you cannot measure….

The SMPI Assessment provides a means to measure your level of IT Service management proficiency from a strategy, capability and maturity perspective.


Gain insight and visibility of your entire IT Service Management proficiency levels with a dashboard view of your ITSM processes and functions…


Make use of a comprehensive action realization plan to manage ITSM improvements


itSMFsa membership (included in the programme) gives you access to national and industry-related SMPI information so you can draw comparisons against the industry