Saas 3, Hosted or cloud based Incident Management

On-Premise IT Service Management

On-Premise- the traditional licensing model—but still preferred by most organizations

On-Premise is our traditional, concurrent user license model. This model is often required by government, financial and healthcare clients, who for a variety of reasons (e.g., security, regulations, etc.) are required to purchase perpetual licenses and host the application and data on their own systems and premises. This model is also appropriate for customers who need to purchase software licenses from their capital expenditure budget. Please note that we also allow you to host the application and data on your company’s premises (i.e. behind your firewall), yet pay for the software utilizing the SaaS subscription-based licensing model. See below for more details ….

On-Demand IT Service Management

SaaS 3.0—All the advantages of the SaaS-model with even more flexibility

cloudhosting_iconFor those customers who want to implement a SaaS approach (often called “cloud computing”), they have the option of A Service Desk on Demand. This SaaS model allows companies to utilize the software without any capital expenditure. Instead, all expenses for leasing and maintaining the software can be paid out of a company’s operations’ budget. Please note that we also will “lease” our software utilizing the SaaS licensing approach for those customers who want the software and the data to reside on the customer’s premise—i.e. behind the customer’s firewall. Our hybrid SaaS 3.0 approach, recognized by leading industry experts, goes beyond the traditional “pure” SaaS approach. By “hybrid,” we basically mean that our customers can choose from a myriad of options. Our SaaS 3.0 implementation is superior to other similar models because of the following:

Virtual Environment

Other companies that offer a SaaS model generally implement a “one size fits all” approach. In other words, they have very limited ability to customize their applications. With Service Desk On Demand, we can provide a hosted virtual environment for each customer, which allows them to utilize our  Development Platform to customize any application and to make any changes to our “out of the box,” Pink Elephant ITIL V3.0 verified service management content.

Data Security and Control

With Service Desk On Demand, if the customer chooses the option of having Revelation Data host its data, the customer’s hosted data is logically separated from our other companies’ data, and each customer always has access to their own data. This means that they have the power to back up their data “on their premises” as often as they like! This is critical if there are security and recovery concerns within your organization.

Instant Recovery

For an additional monthly charge, Service Desk On Demand can include a recovery feature. With Instant Recovery, our host system will keep a rolling snapshot of the customer’s system, which enables near-instantaneous recovery in situations where the customer’s database is damaged due to human error or data corruption. This is great for mission-critical implementations.

Option for SaaS Licensing Model but Software/Data resides “On Premise”

Some of our customers prefer the SaaS licensing model (i.e. subscription-based pricing such that all related costs can be expensed monthly from the Operations’ Budget)—but they would like to have the system and data reside on their own premises (i.e. within their own firewalls). Once again, our SaaS 3.0 approach is designed to accommodate more choices. If desired, you can choose the SaaS licensing model together with “on premise” deployment. In the alternative, we would be glad to host the application and your data.

Rich Client OR Browser-Based Experience

Whereas most of our competitors’ SaaS models are “browser-based” only (i.e. run from IE, Firefox, or Safari), Service Desk On Demand can be run either from one of these browsers—or we give you the option to utilize a rich-client Windows’ experience. So we offer the best of both worlds — Windows and a browser. Even with our rich-client experience, the data is transferred over the internet the same way that our browser application transfers data. The database does not know the difference. In other words, we offer two different user interfaces (i.e. broswer and rich-client) utilizing the SAME application and database. With the rich-client experience, the advantage is that the application uses less bandwidth without the overhead of sending the screens over the internet, so the user experience is faster and better. Additionally, no browser application supports “data caching,” which allows local storage and instant retrieval of commonly accessed data. So our rich-client approach offers far less delays when there is heavy internet traffic.

In the alternative, browser-based interfaces are great for situations when the application is used on a very limited basis—or is needed across different platforms (e.g. Mac or Linux). Assuming there are not cross-platform issues, when someone spends much of their day in an application, we believe the rich-client interface is far superior. Bottom line: YOU CHOOSE! We can accomodate either model! Other than cross-platform benefits, the major advantage of browser-based applications is ease-of-deployment. We achieve this same advantage with our auto-deploy feature with our rich-client (similar to the way ITunes is auto-deployed on a client). Many of our customers choose the rich-client deployment for all their Window’s-based technicians who are in the application for more than an hour a day, and they utilize our browser-based implementation for their Mac and Linux deployments and for part-time technicians.

Concurrent Licenses

Our licenses are offered on a “concurrent” user basis. That means that our licenses can be shared by different users. And with Service Desk on demand, for each concurrent license, our customers have the option of “reserving” the license for any user who must have immediate access to the system at all times. Most competitive SaaS models require “named” users—which means that the licenses cannot be shared, resulting in the need to subscribe to more licenses and pay more money.

Lease-to-Own Option

Service Desk On Demand has an added benefit—a “lease to own” option, giving customers the best of both worlds. Each year that a customer uses Service Desk On Demand equates to a discount off the license fees for Service Desk On Premise, should a customer decide at a later date to switch models in order to “own” the perpetual-use licenses. It’s the best of both worlds and it offers the most flexibility in the market today.


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