Service Desk: Did You Notice the Word Service?

This blog entry is courtesty of Mike Kyffin, a senior technical business consultant with Cherwell’s EMEA team and a former global service desk manager.

There are lots of things IT can do to become more service oriented such as changing people’s job descriptions or adding customer service targets to team members’ KPI.

I know a lot of people can use some help – and want help – getting started with helping their Service Desk become more service oriented.  Here are some top tips.

Clearly identify the services the business needs supporting.  Do this before applying the technology that delivers it.  End users care about the service you provide not the technology behind it.  Identify misalignments between what IT thinks it delivers and what the business thinks IT delivers or needs to deliver.

Create a Service Catalogue.  Once you know what services you can provide, set out a framework and road-map.  A road-map sets out the expectation to IT and the business for service delivery commitment.

Assign responsibility for service delivery with the team(s).  This is the biggest challenge — augmenting existing teams to become more service oriented whilst maintaining technology expertise.  This will include changing job descriptions, introducing new service orientated staff, ensuring the Service Desk has the demonstrated commitment from other teams.

Commit to delivering.  Ensure you have executive suppport, including funding from the business to support the transition of each service delivery.  Create an IT Service Management Team focused on successful delivery to the customer.  Align business managers with technology owners.  Empower behavioural change to deliver a cultural shift.

Measure, make changes, measure, make changes.  Apply metrics that IT and the business understand and agree upon.  Use a flexible software solution that responds to your changing needs and helps you to easily manage overall service delivery and the delivery of key Service Desk and IT Business Analytics.  This will also help with future funding and can quickly address changes within the IT and business partnership.

Manage service delivery, transition and operation transition.  Deliver a process for customer success.  Regularly involve business and technology owners to ensure the road map for service delivery, that transitions are carried out successfuly and business priorities are maintained and that changes are addressed.

Lastly, take small, committed and successful steps to get it right and ensure the customer is kept at the heart of the delivery lifecycle.  Above all else, remember, the word service is part of Service Desk.

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