Service Level Management

Exceed Service Expectations, More Accurately

Are you tasked with needing to support a complex portfolio of  services within your organisation. Needing to deliver these services on time and on budget?

Our SLA and OLA Services can help you reach the business objectives.

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Our Service Level Management software provides a centralised management console to design, build, manage and monitor service agreements throughout their lifecycle. These proactive tools enable IT to be in constant touch with actual performance and take action should service fall short of established targets.

Real-time monitoring and auto-escalation cost-effectively avoid noncompliance situations and speed resolution. Use the Service Level Management solution to define and manage service catalogs, service level agreements, operational level agreements, and underlying contracts. As the service desk transitions to a service delivery partner to the business, IT will directly contribute to customer service satisfaction by establishing realistic customer expectations.



  • Lower SLA compliance costs, while increasing service quality
  • Increase customer service satisfaction
  • More accurately define and deliver on customer expectations
  • Enhance communication between IT and third-party service providers




  • Auto-escalation — Address pressing issues based on service targets, with automatic routing to appropriate individuals
  • Service definitions — Truly customize your service delivery expectations-even down a single executive-to provide more responsive service to key individuals or groups
  • Review date notification — Never miss a service level review date
  • Document service level management — Create and easily manage service catalogs, service level agreements, operational level agreements, and underlying contracts
  • Logical grouping — Link terms and keep up with relationships among customers, services and incidents
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting — proactively address SLA compliance issues before they fully develop
  • Web access — Reduce costs and speed resolution with smart client and Web client compatibility


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